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update: 6/19/16 | prepping for #SFFPit & Deutschland

Writing & Reading I have had another lovely two weeks of writing and have officially broken the 50k mark in my total rewrite of Sigma Radiant which started in late May! I’ve been writing like nuts because I will be spending July in Germany and am then banning myself from writing fiction (journaling only!). (Yes, I… Continue reading update: 6/19/16 | prepping for #SFFPit & Deutschland

Weekly Updates · Writing

Update: 6/6/16 | Animazement Aftermath & Writing Like a Maniac

In the time since my last update, I’ve attended Animazement, finished the first draft of one book, started work on a new (or, well, new to being rewritten) book, worked diligently on my summer classes, and laid around the house. Writing & Reading For the first time in a few updates, here’re my word counts… Continue reading Update: 6/6/16 | Animazement Aftermath & Writing Like a Maniac

Weekly Updates · Writing

update: 5/16/16 | RUNAWAY complete

Today’s update is in honor of my biggest accomplishment of last week–finishing my rewrite (draft 3) of Runaway. Runaway’s synopsis and working cover is up on my WIPs page with my other novel projects, but just so everyone is caught up: Roscoe Pratt, now 18, is supposed to kill his mother to take over leadership of the… Continue reading update: 5/16/16 | RUNAWAY complete