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Helping Friends Achieve Their Goals

I know what you’re thinking. “H” day for the A to Z Challenge was supposed to be posted on April 9th–not April 17th! It turns out that April has been kicking my butt in wonderful ways, and both the #AtoZChallenge and Camp NaNoWriMo have taken brutal more-than-a-week-of-nothingness hits. I will release the rest of what… Continue reading Helping Friends Achieve Their Goals

Planning & Goals

DIY Planning Setups: Bullet Journals & More

In yesterday’s post, I talked about calendars. I rattled off a whole list of different paper and digital calendars/planners that you can use to organize your life. But what if those aren’t quite your style? What if you want more customizability? Here are some options I’ve found through cruising the world of #planneraddicts. Bullet Journals… Continue reading DIY Planning Setups: Bullet Journals & More

Planning & Goals · School · Wildcards A Must-Have College Tool

The following article, written by me, was originally posted at under the same title on July 6th, 2016. I am reposting it now as a “wildcard” post because fall registration is coming up soon for many students, and I figured it would be helpful for those who haven’t seen it before. Minor updates and… Continue reading A Must-Have College Tool