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May & June Writer’s Links: SEO Guide, 15 Free Applications, Chuck Tingle, & Why Writers Are Always Cold

May and June writer's links

We’re going to organize the link roundup a little differently today to make it easier, because they just seem to be piling up! Here’s what’s been on my reading list lately.

Indie Authors

On Page SEO Guide

Author Solutions and Friends: The Inside Story

Price-Shaming Book Lovers: The Worst Marketing Idea Ever

“I’m a huge fan of self-publishing” – literary agent David Fugate

The Write Life (And Other Life)

Self Care for the Writer

What to Do When No One Shows Up to Your Reading

Why I Was Wrong About Liberal Arts Majors

“But it’s easy for you…”

They Found a Meth Lab in Cole Porter’s Childhood Home

Against the Cult of Travel, or What Everyone Gets Wrong About The Hobbit

Town People and Circus People

Craft & Resources

15 of the Best Free Applications for Writers

How Do You Know if Your Writing is Any Good?

Study shows the value of copy editing

The Art of the Crossover

Cinda Chima’s Books for Writers

Is your query letter ready for submission? (image)

Publishing &etc.

YA is Too Late: Gay Characters in Middle Grade Fiction

12 Things I Noticed While Reading Every Short Story Published in 2015

Chuck Tingle’s massive troll of conservative scifi fans, explained


50 Best Literary Gifts for a Modern Day Reader

Magical items for fantasy writers (image)

Why are writers cold? (image)

English teacher retitles classic poems as clickbait

Please share with me any great reading you’ve been doing lately! I love to keep updated on what’s going on in the writing ecosystem.

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4 Comma Mistakes That Make Your Copy Editor Want to Cry

I’m the annoying person who, until she learned to be more polite, corrected people for saying “Mom and me” instead of “Mom and I” and “less” instead of “fewer” and “who” instead of “whom.” Now I work out my irritating grammar obsession through copy editing. I’ve been the copy editor for the undergrad lit mag Atlantis for… Continue reading 4 Comma Mistakes That Make Your Copy Editor Want to Cry

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Instagram for Authors

In an increasingly digital age, authors and readers can connect more easily than ever before. For indie authors and authors with small presses, cultivating a social media presence becomes more and more important. Twitter is the primary social media for the writing community, but I believe that Instagram, despite being image-based instead of text-based, is… Continue reading Instagram for Authors