CON REPORT: Animazement 2016

PROS: local/no hotel costs great dealer’s room and AA friends everywhere! “Doing the ‘Write’ Thing” panel great costumes + masquerade hard to get bored with panels, shopping, and stuff in Raleigh CONS: overpriced registration line on Sat morning was rough parking is evil PLEASE ALLOW WESTERN MEDIA PANELS ALREADY (although panels are continually improving) Animazement is… Continue reading CON REPORT: Animazement 2016

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On Animazement 2016: Cosplay, Community, and Panels–Oh My!

It’s time to talk about an event that holds a special place in my heart: Animazement. For the past half-decade of my life, I’ve explained to people that I have this strange little hobby of making costumes based on fictional characters, and then wearing those costumes to conventions. Mostly the conversation goes like this: Me:… Continue reading On Animazement 2016: Cosplay, Community, and Panels–Oh My!

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2016 Convention & Cosplay Schedule

This week’s Wildcard Wednesday features a departure from boring daily life and slightly-more-exciting daily writing. This post is about the other half (well… now more like a quarter) of my double life. During the week I am a well-adjusted, high-achieving student writer working diligently towards life goals. On a couple of weekends a year, I’m… Continue reading 2016 Convention & Cosplay Schedule


CON REPORT: Cosplay America 2015

PROS: local-ish for me, so no hotel costs (I stayed with a friend) relatively inexpensive ($35 for the weekend on preregister) TONS of awesome costumes for such a small con loved the panel programming made good use of space and layout; a very nice venue for this con lovely spaces for photography and opportunities for… Continue reading CON REPORT: Cosplay America 2015


CON REPORT: Anime Mid-Atlantic 2015

Originally posted Jun 24th, 2015 1:52:48pm @ PROS: many awesome cosplay events (fashion show, hall costume contest, Masquerade) great panel programing (lots of variety) awesome video room programming (classics everywhere) nice dealer’s room/artist alley for the size cool guests (not a fan of Vic McNugget but he was there; Yunmao Ayakawa; etc)