SigmaSymbol1.pngSIGMA RADIANT

Status: Draft 3 of 5 in progress (50%)
When Gen Allendorfer secures an apprenticeship with  her grandfather’s brainchild, the Philipp Allendorfer Energy Research Center, Gen believes that all her dreams are coming true. At the ERC, Gen goes through grandfather’s notes, tracing his friendship with a tragically-destroyed family and his turbulent relationship with Dr. Flores and the international organization that regulates the ERC. Gen’s excitement turns to horror as she discovers that the compound has a living, breathing, highly dangerous alien secret buried in its depths—one who knows her name.

runaway 1RUNAWAY

Status: Complete/Querying
Rosco Pratt, now 18, is supposed to kill his mother to take over leadership of the Pack. He wants that responsibility like he wants a silver bullet to the temple, and none of the rest of the Pack seems eager for him to take it. The Pack has bigger problems to worry about, too, like the fact that a huge logging company is going to begin destroying their forest home within the month. With his best friend telling him to flee from the impossible odds and his girlfriend telling him to seek revenge for what the humans did to Rosco’s father a decade ago, Roscoe is caught in the middle of the worst kind of indecision. That is, until he winds up a hostage in the logger camp and the people he cares about begin dropping like flies.


Status: Draft 1 of 4 complete
When her cousin Marcellus gets a summer archaeological grant, Corinna reluctantly returns with him to Topaca Island. There, Serecite Cave is said to be the final prison of the ancient chaos god, Xene, and twenty years ago her parents disappeared in its depths. A mysterious and beautiful boy arrives, bringing a box full of letters that Corinna’s father wrote to a friend many years ago before his disappearance. When Corinna begins sleepwalking to the mouth of Serecite Cave, lured on by the whispers of a dark voice, she tries to warn Marcellus that Xene is real and plotting. But it will take an unimaginable tragedy to convince him that all of the Folk tales are true.