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update: 6/19/16 | prepping for #SFFPit & Deutschland

Update: 6/19/16, #SFFPit and Deutschland

Writing & Reading

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I have had another lovely two weeks of writing and have officially broken the 50k mark in my total rewrite of Sigma Radiant which started in late May! I’ve been writing like nuts because I will be spending July in Germany and am then banning myself from writing fiction (journaling only!). (Yes, I am super duper excited. Yes, I am sure as heck going to blog about it. I will have a post out next week about that, maybe.)

I also finished my polishing edits round on Runaway. It’s with beta readers now, but I don’t anticipate changing much. A few weeks ago, I saw pitching for #PitMad and was kind of angry I didn’t know about it sooner because I could’ve had Runaway ready in time but didn’t. So I did some research on Twitter pitching contest and found #SFFPit! I’ve put in some time to craft a query letter and some pitches, and I’ll be participating this week. This is very exciting, and I don’t anticipate anything coming of it, but I’m ready to give it a shot!

As for books, I’ve been slowly working my way through The Book of Writer’s Checklists (really awesome resource, if pretty dated), S.J. Pajonas’s Removed (it’s high time I started reading more self-pubbed authors), and O.R. Melling’s The Hunter’s Moon. Thoughts to come!


  • I voted in a local primary for the first time
  • I spent a ton of time with friends & family
  • My brother (and many of my friends) graduated high school!
  • I am done with summer classes (until Germany)
  • I received notification about an unexpected scholarship
  • I got to celebrate Father’s Day with my wonderful dorky dad & family
  • I am looking forward to a week full of spending time with friends before preparing to go to Germany for a month! (more on that later)

I hope wonderful summers are in store for us all!


2 thoughts on “update: 6/19/16 | prepping for #SFFPit & Deutschland

    1. I intend to keep voting, haha!
      I’m super excited for Germany–I’m hoping I’ll get a taste of what it’s like to LIVE there instead of being a tourist, since I’ll be taking classes and mostly staying in one town. Also hoping to come back mostly fluent (I have 5 semesters of study under my belt already).
      I went to Europe once a few years ago and have always regretted the fact that I didn’t write anything down, so I’m hoping to change that this time.


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