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Update: 6/6/16 | Animazement Aftermath & Writing Like a Maniac

update: 6/6/16

In the time since my last update, I’ve attended Animazement, finished the first draft of one book, started work on a new (or, well, new to being rewritten) book, worked diligently on my summer classes, and laid around the house.

Writing & Reading

For the first time in a few updates, here’re my word counts for the week–I’m super proud of them:

Word count progress from 5/22 to 6/5. 365k Club

Ignoring the three-day zero dip (that was Animazement weekend), I’ve been rocking this whole summer vacation writing thing. The second half of the table is what I’m really proud of. I’ve had several 4,000+ word days and have been editing a lot to boot.

365k Club bullseye word count badge for May

I hit the target for May, but I’m hoping that June will really be my time to crank out some words–especially since I will be abroad for all of July and have no idea whether or not I will have (or want to have) any writing time.

I’m going through Runaway‘s draft one more time with a fine-toothed comb, smoothing over awkward sentences, minor inconsistencies, passive voice, and embarrassing adverbs. I’m going to be spending all of today editing it because I want to have it ready for Buddy Tuesday over at the 10 Minute Novelists group so I can pick up some beta readers! (If you are reading this and want to beta read, drop me a line! More info about the book is in my last update.)

As for what I’ve been reading–not much lately. I’ve been waiting on a friend to return Clockwork Princess to me so I can finally finish out the delicious tortures that are Cassandra Clare’s series. I’m slowly working my way through Celestial Kitty Danny-Chan, my friend & co-panelist Tess Duck’s debut indie release. I’ve also been catching up on my back issues of The Writer and Writer’s Digest that have been sitting forlorn on my desk while I was at school all year. I also binge-watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and dissected its plot for writerly purposes (way more fun than it should have been) and am in the middle of watch Sailor Moon Crystal and drowning in my girl power feelings.

Let me know if you’ve been reading anything good!


  • I saw a high school production of Beauty and the Beast that was insanely fantastic–literally almost Broadway-quality. And I know because BatB is the one musical I’ve actually seen performed professionally.
  • Last Sunday, I had to fill in for my dad in his bowling league, and I kicked butt. A 429 series doesn’t sound super impressive, but it’s my all-time high.
  • Animazement. Animazement was a blast full of so many friends and so much fun.
  • I spent a lot of time with friends this week, from dinner at a noodle bar to sleepovers to a cupcake decorating class to dinner & The Jungle Book in theaters.
  • I also spent a lot of time with family.
  • I’m writing tons and I love it.

My baby brother graduates high school at the end of the week, so that’s something else to anticipate! I hope everyone has had a lovely few weeks.


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