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March/April Writer’s Links: Self-Pub Myths, Writing Routines, Pay the F**cking Writers, & Game of Thrones

March and April Writer's Links

April, AKA Hell Month, prevented me from doing any link rounding-up, so here’s what I was reading in between working on all my final papers.

Indie Authors

Self-Publishing Myths: Busted

Free Kindle Book Submission Tool

How Much Does it Cost to Self-Publish a Book? Data from the Reedsy Marketplace

SCAMAZON: Amazon Kindle Unlimited Scammers Netting Millions

#WattpadBooksAreRealBooksToo (insert clap emoji here)

The Write Life (and Other Life)

Writing Routines for the Part-Time Writer

Craft & Resources

How to Find a Beta Reader

Publishing &etc.

Publishers should pay authors as much as their other employees

Over 100 Calls for Rolling Submissions by Victoria Griffin

85 Locations Where You Can Submit Your Book for Free (signup freebie)

Pay the F***king Writers

And, although it’s ironic to link to Huffpost right after the link to Chuck Wendig’s blog slamming Huffpost: It Isn’t Amazon Publishers Should Fear: It’s Bookbub


Mathematicians mapped out every Game of Thrones relationship to find the main character

Performance-Enhancing Drugs for Writers (comic)

Writers on Vacation (comic)

7 Health Benefits of Bookstores

To all the content creators, thank you for giving me a nice reading list for the past few months! To the readers: enjoy!


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