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I’ll preface this by saying it is a post geared toward people who prefer to plan on paper, and less toward those who prefer to plan digitally.

That being said, one of the greatest joys (I believe) in a paper planner is the actual process of writing in it, decorating it, and color-coding it. Below is a list of some of my favorite supplies.

1. Pens

The pens I use include Uniball Signo 207 (0.7mm) in assorted colors and Pilot G-2 (0.5mm) in black. I’ve also used a Uniball Signo “Ultra Micro” 0.38mm and the Write Dudes UGG 130 0.5mm (a gift). I like all of these, but of them, I have to say that the G-2 is my favorite.

pilot g2 0.5 mm pens in assorted colors

I’m the kind of person who very much likes nice pens. I also like having colored pens, just to spice up my planning life, or to organize tasks by color. Life is too short not to have pretty writing utensils, that’s what I always say.

You can always use pencils, too. Fewer mistakes that way.

2. Highlighters

You can get highlighters in multiple colors anywhere, but I’m a fan of Zebra Mildliners. As the name suggests, the highlighter colors are a milder shade that don’t hurt your eyes as much.

Zebra pastel mildliners highlighters Japanese office supplies

Highlighters are great for color-coding, decoration, reminders, and for blocking off chunks of time if your planner is hourly/appointment-style. That last one is what I use mine for, color-coding by type of event (class, extracurriculars, fun/hobbies, etc.).

3. Sticky notes & flags

Sticky notes are useful for just that–random notes, to-do-lists, and doodles that can be moved. Post-it flags have more versatile uses. They can serve as page markers, tabs marking important sections of a planner, or as de facto white-out when an appointment has to be canceled or replaced.

post-it flags markers planner

4. White-out

If you use pens, this is obvious.

bic wite out quick dry correction fluid

5. Mini stapler

Sometimes, outside objects need to go in your planner. Itineraries, memos, movie tickets you want to save for later scrapbooking, etc. Also, it’s never a bad thing to have a stapler on hand, especially if you’re a student.

mini stapler green

6. (Washi) tape

Tape is always helpful to have around, and why not make it fun, decorative washi tape?

hercampus washi tape multicolor patterns


This is just a list of what’s in my supplies box, as both a planner/writer and a student. It might be a little excessive for some people, but in the world of #planneraddicts, these are ultra basic. Regardless, I hope you’ve been able to find something helpful here!



5 thoughts on “Introduction to Supplies

  1. Ooh, I need to start collecting washi tape! I got some for Christmas at the Dollar Store, and loved decorating with it, but I haven’t hit them up again for something less seasonal.

    I dig those Pilot pens too, but I’m super obsessed with these pens I bought from a company called Typo (they’re Australian, but have a store here in San Diego), which resemble pencils, but are secretly hiding a gel pen beneath the cap. I bought a ton of the purple ones, to spice things up, but they come in all kinds of colors.

    And finally, since I am a total stationery whore, I must admit I love a good Sharpie. I really dig that they’ve branched out into different colors, as well as the double-sided ones that offer the usual thickness on one end, and a much thinner tip for more precision. I’ve bought quite a few of them from my local drugstore, to call attention to important dates on my calendar! 🙂


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