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Helping Friends Achieve Their Goals

I know what you’re thinking. “H” day for the A to Z Challenge was supposed to be posted on April 9th–not April 17th! It turns out that April has been kicking my butt in wonderful ways, and both the #AtoZChallenge and Camp NaNoWriMo have taken brutal more-than-a-week-of-nothingness hits. I will release the rest of what I had written in advance for the A to Z Challenge, but clearly not on the correct schedule. 

atozchallenge helping friends achieve their goals accountability planning
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Today’s post is a short one, but an important one. Earlier this month, I wrote about blogging as an accountability tool, mentioning that when other people can see whether you’re working on your goals, it is harder to fall behind on them.

Having ambition and goals in life is important, but sometimes we can become too focused on them–on ourselves. There is more to life than the next big thing to conquer, and that “more” is just as important, if not arguably more important, than the things you conquer for yourself.

The “more” is relaxation. The “more” is friendship, family, and fun. The “more” is service. These are all things you need to make time for.

But since my theme this month revolves around planning and goal achievement, I’ll save that sermon for another time and focus on a related way to focus less on yourself and give back: helping your friends (and family, and strangers) achieve their goals.

How you help a person follow their dreams (so to speak) varies. Some people respond well to the occasional nag or kick in the pants, and some people do not. Some people will ask for help and some won’t. Some people need someone to go out and do the tasks with them (common with fitness or eating goals). Some people need reminders that they actually have goals in life.

Take some time today, if you haven’t already, to check in with the people important to you and ask about their projects, hobbies, or dreams. Offer to help with whatever you can, whether that’s by sitting down with them to plan out a three-year class schedule, going to yoga class with them, or offering to babysit for a few hours while they write. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and sometimes the child is a dream.


4 thoughts on “Helping Friends Achieve Their Goals

  1. It’s hard to imagine having any spare time, especially while doing this challenge! But I surely have time to check in and encourage. I know I would really appreciate it if it were coming my way. Glad you are having success outside of this challenge. Good job managing your time and knowing what to focus on.

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  2. Great piece, Nicole. I am convinced that if we allow ourselves to be consumed by ourselves, we drown our own dreams. The life of our creativity springs from our connections with others and the concerns of the world. Besides, it’s a lot more fun.


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