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The following article, written by me, was originally posted at under the same title on July 6th, 2016. I am reposting it now as a “wildcard” post because fall registration is coming up soon for many students, and I figured it would be helpful for those who haven’t seen it before. Minor updates and changes have been made to the original post. 

During orientation at my school, a new friend of mine introduced me to A couple of clicks and I was in love. MyEdu is a college planning website with two main purposes: class scheduling and job finding.

Class Scheduling

To me, this is the most useful aspect. When you go to sign up for an account at, you will choose what college or university you attend. Then, myEdu shows you all the classes available for a given semester and lets you plan your schedule.

My schedule on, a website for college and university students to plan their classes

This was my schedule in Fall 2015.

Once you choose what semester you want to plan, you can start adding classes. Once you add a class, myEdu shows you all of the sections of that class being offered that semester: shows what classes are offered at what time by what teacher and what rating the teacher has (like

As you can see from the screenshot, myEdu shows you all the class sections and their times. It shows what percentage of students have made what grade, which gives you an idea of how easy the class is. It separates classes by professor, some of whom come recommended by other students. (You should still check to see what the professors are really like, but this is a good start!)

MyEdu doesn’t show course prerequisites and can’t tell you when a class is already full. So make sure you do some research beforehand and start planning early to get the most out of the schedule planner.

You can also browse professors and classes online to get a feel for what they’re like, what grades other students are making, and whether the professors come recommended. shows classes and ratings for professors

If your priority is not getting the best professor but getting the best schedule, myEdu has a tool for that, too! Just go to “Auto Schedule” and choose the semester and classes you want to be scheduled. If you like to plan very, very early like I do (spring semester before fall even starts? heck yes!), myEdu may not have all of the available sections listed, just because your school won’t even have them listed yet. can schedule your classes for you so you can have the best schedule.

If you want to take a specific section of any class, just leave that box unchecked and myEdu will leave it alone.

You can choose your preferred days and times for classes, and whether you prefer classes that were easier or professors that were recommended. Then, when you click “schedule classes,” myEdu comes up with dozens of different combinations of classes you can take for the schedule you prefer the most! This way, you can plan around the schedule of your clubs and social life… or, if you’re like me, your sleep schedule.'s automatic schedule generator.

Finally, myEdu is a great way to keep track of the classes you have taken and what progress you’ve made towards your degree. keeps track of your personal education and class plans.

Job Finding

The second feature of MyEdu is the job-finding aspect!

On the “My Profile” section of myEdu, you can provide lots of information on your work experience, skills, major, and involvement. It’s like an awesome multimedia resume. displays a multimedia resume

MyEdu can recommend you jobs based on your major. Or you can search for jobs and internships on your own based on where your school is, where your hometown is, or where you want to work. recommends jobs based on major or location

Final Words

MyEdu has become one of my new favorite websites, and you should definitely also add it to your list. It has a beautiful interface and useful, user-friendly, unique features that every college student should have access to. And if you use it right, it might find you the internship of your dreams or get you out of having any Friday classes next semester!


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