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Weekly Update: 2/26/16

I’m going to be changing weekly updates a bit.

They will now happen on Sundays, because in my head a week goes Sunday to Saturday. (A week in my Passion Planner also goes Sunday to Saturday, and I rely heavily on it to help me do my reflections and updates–I might even start posting photos of each spread.) I also want to keep the header image a bit more consistent, so the one you see today is the one that will likely remain with small variations.

With weekly (possibly becoming biweekly) updates moving to Sunday, posts related to writing (tools, techniques, craft, etc.) will move to Wednesdays and “wildcard” posts (essays, link roundups, random non-writing topical posts, etc.) will move to Friday.

Writing & Reading

My writing this week has been decent.

2016-02-28 (1)

I am still about 3,000 words behind my goal of 29,000 for February as part of 365k Club. I still have some padding leftover from January (16,000 words of padding, thankfully), but I have two midterm papers and an exam this week, so it doesn’t look like my personal writing will see a lot of progress.

This week’s reads include progress on The Circus in Winter by Cathy Day and finishing Luna, a fantastic book from Julie Anne Peters on a teen transgender girl’s coming out. I’ve finalized my project for  Multicultural YA Lit (family relationships in YA lit about children of genocide) and will be using my spring break next week to begin reading the books I’ve chosen. Lots of books in my future, as always.

I’ve also started using Pinterest, which is actually a great place to find resources for writers–who knew? I have a feeling I’ll be spending way too much time on it.

Highlights of the week:

  • I wrote more than 4,000 words on Sunday. Not a personal best, but up there!
  • I did a lot of lovely, snuggly reading in bed.
  • Dairy Queen run with squad. Moe’s with squad. Watching Spirit with squad. Lots of quality squad time.
  • My dear friend Caleb started a blog and won an officer position in Writers’ Association. Congratulations on both counts, Caleb, even if your blog name is ridiculously hard to pronounce.
  • Wednesday brought some tornado warnings to Wilmington, which meant I got the afternoon off from classes.
  • I played around with Wix and was able to create a pretty cool website for myself. WordPress is great, but doesn’t make for an aesthetically pleasing landing page. I’ll be working on switching domain names soon enough, but I think I’ll keep my blog separate over here.
  • I went to my first book club meeting! It was so much more fun than I ever imagined a book club would be.

Today’s weather here is gorgeous, promising, I hope, an end to dreary February weather. (T.S. Eliot called April the cruelest month, but I think February is far meaner.) Have a wonderful week!


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