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Canva: An Author’s Tool for Graphics

Look up at the header. Now look at this. Now look at the headers of all my other blog posts. Now look back here. All of my graphics (with the exceptions of photos/screenshots I take myself) are made by me from scratch–with a tool called Canva.com.

Blog posts headers graphics

I discovered Canva while using Pronoun, another author’s tool that I reviewed last week. Canva is the tool that Pronoun links to for self-published authors to make their own book covers, which I wish I had known before I shelled out $50 for a cover I could have made myself with the program. But Canva has a huge variety of uses, not limited to eBook cover-making… although it’s decent for that, too.

These are just some quick, free ones I made for some of my WIPs. It can be incredibly inspiring to have a cover for your books even if they’re not finished!

A Canva account is free to use, and with it, you can make designs of all kinds of dimensions.

2016-02-21 (5)

Canva’s designs come in premade layouts (many free, many others as cheap as $1) and allow you to mess with background colors, add stickers, make collages, upload your own photos, and create your own text in thousands of combinations. It has a library full of thousands of free images, as well as many high-quality photos that you can purchase to use for $1 each. Rather than me posting screenshots of everything you can do with Canva, which would take far too long, it would be easier for you to go try it out now.

Canva is completely browser-based, so there’s no software involved. You can even use your Facebook or Google profile to log in instead of making an account from scratch (and it won’t post to your accounts). It saves all of your designs inside of your account, but you can download a low- (for web) or high-quality (for book covers and printed designs) image or share your design with the public.

For those of us who can’t afford high-end design software or who don’t have the time or skills to spend on making graphics, Canva is a fantastic tool.


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