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Weekly Update: 2/19/16

This week’s update!

Writing & Books

I’ve written a decent chunk this week, although not enough to keep up with 365k Club:


School and mental health come first, of course, so I’ve accepted that my wordcounts may be lower than I’d like for the next few months. If my productivity level over winter break was any indicator, though, I should be able to make up for it in the summer months.

My good news in the writing world is that the flash fiction competition I mentioned last week chose my piece to be one of those included in the annual anthology! I may also be the winner of a cash prize (always a plus). I’m not sure how many people actually entered the competition, but it’s still a cool opportunity, especially as students from the art department will illustrate each of the stories in the anthology.

This week I finished Geography Club by Brent Hartinger (an assigned reading for my Multicultural YA Lit class) and began A Circus in Winter by Cathy Day (because the author is coming to speak on campus in a few months) and Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare (because I can’t stay away from this guilty-pleasure series). I also picked up The House on Dream Street by Dana Sachs, who will be teaching the interdisciplinary seminar on Research for Fiction Writers next semester at my school. (There’s still a chance that it’ll be Write a Novel in a Month–fingers crossed!) My Goodreads Reading Challenge is up to 9 of 50 books. Not bad!

Highlights of this week:

  • On Sunday, my roommate and  I volunteered with Adopt an Angel and spent several hours hanging out with super-sweet pups.
  • The squad went to Hooters for Valentine’s Day, because they were running a special where you brought a picture of your ex to shred and got free wings. We all brought photos, whether it was actually of an ex or not, and got our free wings: 20160214_143142.jpg
  • Last night, the Residence Hall Association hosted a Harry Potter-themed semiformal–the Yule Ball.

    (You can kind of see my stages of getting ready.) I went with plenty of other friends, but we forgot to take pictures together. It was a ton of fun, even if no Harry Potter music was actually played and I accidentally repped for Hufflepuff instead of my true home, Ravenclaw.

  • In Asian Religions, we’re moving on to studying Hinduism, which means that I get to do yoga for class credit as part of the experiential learning.
  • I spent this morning in bed snuggled up with a book, which is always something to celebrate.

Spring is nearing and I hope that everyone else has just as much to celebrate!


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