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Weekly Update: 2/4/16

Thankfully, this week was significantly less stressful than last week.

I was able to get more writing done:


About 12,000 new words and almost 5,000 rewritten ones. This week has mostly been work on Tempestuous, plus journaling, a little Runaway rewriting, and a 500-word piece of flash fiction for an annual contest run by my university’s library with the theme “Public Art.” (I’m pretty proud of that one in particular!) Not a bad week, but since I’m home again this weekend I’m hoping to knock out some extra.

Speaking of knocking out extra, my do-all-homework-over-the-weekend technique (first implemented last weekend) worked out splendidly. My week was calm and well-organized and I was not rushing to finish anything! This weekend, as per the same strategy, I’ve begun reading my assigned novels for the weekend (The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie for my multicultural YA lit class, which I finished in one sitting because it was fantastic, and Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf, which I have not yet started). My Goodreads Reading Challenge count is up to 7 (of 50) books. I guess some people might call it cheating to count books I read for class, but even though they’re homework, I genuinely enjoy them, so I count them anyway.

Also, with January ending, the 365k Club did their monthly roundup. I started off in the “Hemingway” group at the beginning of the year, with a goal of 200k or 685 words/day. Near the end of January, the mods noticed that my numbers were significantly higher than the Hemingway monthly goal (since I spent the first half of January on winter break/syllabus week and had lots of writing time) and suggested that I move up. Their suggested level was “Tolkien,” with a goal of 500k or 1,370 words/day, but since I am slowing down a lot as school picks up and will be mostly editing/rewriting after I finish the first draft of Tempestuous (at least until the end of the summer), I thought “Austen,” with a goal of 365k or 1,000 words/day, would be more appropriate. So I moved up. And the mods distributed this month’s badges!

Highlights from this week:

  • Atlantis, UNCW’s creative magazine, at which I am the copy editor, received over 1,000 submissions for our Spring 2016 issue. To put this in perspective, last semester we had 600, and the semester before that, 200. This is incredibly exciting, and the magazine is going awesome places.
  • Speaking of Atlantis, we got Roxane Gay to sign our latest issue when she came to campus on the 2nd!

    Atlantis staff and volunteers, keep searching for Atlantis. -Roxane Gay
  • The start of this week had some gorgeous weather.
  • Classes available for the fall semester came out last night and I had a blast making a mockup schedule. (I just love making schedules. Anytime you need a schedule made, hit me up. Seriously. I plan out my friends’ classes for fun.)
  • At Writers’ Association, I appointed myself Queen Cat Lady.
  • I am currently at home with my family and pets, which always makes for a lovely weekend.

I hope everyone else’s start to February has been just as lovely.


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