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Weekly Up-“late”: 2/1/16

Last week ended up an unexpected hiatus for me. This update is a bit of a rambling journal, so read at your own risk.

Basically, I didn’t manage my time well enough and enjoyed a very lazy weekend, after which I had an unbelievably packed week in homework terms. This was exacerbated by a hellish midweek bout of pain from one of my wisdom teeth extraction sites that almost had me taking an Uber to a local oral surgeon, which cleared up right in time for me to go digging in my trash to try to find the refund number for the plane ticket I couldn’t use to go to my grandmother’s funeral last week.

By the time the dust had settled on Friday, I decided to play catch-up and get-ahead on my schoolwork and the weekend was spent writing because I hadn’t opened Scrivener since Monday. This week’s “week in writing” therefore is not much to look at, but I will go ahead and say that I failed to meet my weekly goals for Tempestuous or for my Runaway rewrite. I’ve also re-evaluated some of my goals for those two projects to give myself some more breathing room when all hell breaks loose in my life.

Some other notes from this week:

I got to be a substitute fish mom while one of my friends was away in Turks and Caicos for the week.


2016-02-01 (1)
This is Jack Frost. He has a surprising amount of personality for a fish.


I almost became a frat boy but decided at the last minute that I did not have the time to spare. Next semester! (Phi Sigma Pi, if you’re wondering–a co-ed “National Honors Fraternity.” Only vaguely related to actual fraternities, which is the reason I was interested, but I still love telling people “I’m going to be a frat boy” and watching their faces. Especially if they’re aware of my personal vendetta against fraternities.)

News from home informs me that my not-so-little brother got onto the ECU Honors College waitlist and has been offered a scholarship! (Hmm, wonder who proofread those essays? (; )

I did a lot of big-girl, grown-up things like scheduling my own appointments and setting up meetings with people to plan events. (Scrabble Night, April 13th, Wagoner Dining Hall: BE THERE.)

I am 80% sure that the reason for my random hellish toothache this week was just that I was so stressed-out that my body was trying to do something to get me to stop going so fast. Part of the reason that stress hit me so hard, I think, is because I am far from the peak of physical wellness. So I’m starting to try to eat better and exercise more (complete with my own little set of rules at the back of my planner). I’ve been to the gym twice today! (We’ll see how long this lasts.)

This week’s highlights, although it took me till Friday to come up with any:

  • The one fraternity rush event I did attend was a lot of fun, even though I didn’t end up pursuing the rush.
  • My mouth healed on its own, so there’s no expensive doctor’s bill to pay.
  • Catholic Campus Ministry had a game night on Friday night which was a blast.
  • I found out that I get to take my cat with me when I move into my apartment for next school year!


2016-02-01 (2).png
This is a big deal for me. The both of us have separation anxiety.

There’s plenty that I could say about the start of this new week (thankfully it’s a wonderful one) but I’ll save that for the hopefully on-time update this coming Friday.

Anyway, I hope your week has been less hectic than mine. Happy February!



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