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Weekly Update: 1/22/2016

Hello, everyone. My desk is a colossal mess right now and this week has been just as unkempt.

This week began, on Sunday morning, with me receiving the information that my maternal grandmother had passed away after spending the better part of a decade losing the fight with Alzheimer’s. The news was sad but not unexpected. My grandmother has spent the past several years in a nursing home for dementia patients in the advanced stages, her health improving and worsening in waves over the past few months. Several years had passed since she was able to recognize her own children. In the end, I believe her passing is an unlikely gift, because she has not really existed in this world for a long time. Now she exists in heaven with her husband and her God, and that is a blessing worth celebrating. She was a woman who truly was too good for this world.

Her funeral is tomorrow morning, and I appreciate any prayers offered for her or for my family. Unfortunately, due to the fact that all flights out of Wilmington today are canceled because of the impending storm, I will not be in attendance.

On Sunday, after delivering the news, my father took me back to campus for the second week of the semester. On Tuesday, in an unexpected upward spiral that followed the week’s earlier tragedy, I received the fantastic news that I was finally able to talk about the release of my first published short story in an anthology. Sometime soon I will talk about how that story came about.

I’ve had an insanely full week, even aside from all that.


(Yes, that yellow sticky note IS all the tasks I have to complete this weekend.)

This week was not a good week, writing-wise, between homework, obligations, meetings, phone calls with the airline, and everything else that happened. But since I’ve been keeping up well with my word count goals for Tempestuous (which you can read a synopsis of on my fancy new WIP page!), this week I’ve switched over to editing/rewriting Runaway. I’ve managed about 8,000 new words (including work on Tempestuous, blog posts, and journaling) and 6,000 words or 2ish chapters of rewriting on Runaway.

update 22


Highlights of the week, courtesy of my Passion Planner:

  • girl time with my friend Sarah
  • only three days of classes because of MLK day
  • the In the Beginning announcement
  • got my paperwork for PED and work done
  • Alot happened in my Editing for Publication class
  • I have written or edited work every day this week
  • my scholarship applications are finished
  • I might become a frat boy
  • I just drank a delicious cup of hot cocoa (pictured above with planner)

I hope your weeks have been lovely!



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