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Weekly Update: 1/15/16

Today’s update comes a little late because I’ve been curled up in bed for the last six hours reading Cassandra Clare’s City of Heavenly Fire.

This week has been beyond hectic. I started my classes at school again–seven of them, for a total of 18 credit hours. Other plans during the week have made it hard to get a handle on my workload so far, but I’m hoping that the long weekend will be able to fix that.

The craziness of the week has meant that I’ve gotten much less writing done this week–only 5,616 words. I’m going to need to step it up if I want to finish my WIPs in March, but it is looking like I may have to scale back on those goals. Sad, but hey–at least I’m writing at all, right?

Seeing my friends again has been wonderful, but I’m back at home for the weekend so that I can pick up some things I forgot (of course) and relax a little.

I hope everyone else has had a wonderful week!

EDIT: I wanted to include some other updates!

I created a WIP page, which was a lot of fun.

And I finished my first week in my Passion Planner!


I love it! I have some ideas on how to change up how I use it beginning next week. 🙂


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