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Weekly Update: 1/8/16

Hello and welcome to this week’s Weekly Update!

I have mostly been enjoying my last week home from school, ordering textbooks and having miniature heart attacks about financial aid. After I write this post, I need to get some packing done, because I am going back to campus tomorrow. And thus will end a very, very productive few weeks (this week in particular):


17k in a week is really not bad, in my humble opinion, but I have had literally nothing else to do over break and will probably not reach this level of productivity again till summertime. (I stole this spreadsheet from WriYe and modified it a bit for my own purposes–hope they don’t mind!) The “goal” slash “ahead or behind” categories are based on a goal of writing 250,000 words this year, which I am doing with the 365k Club! (Contrary to the name, there are levels besides 365,000.)

My total WIP progress is as follows, courtesy of the Writeometer app:

20160108_125610 [1402620]

I hit the 25% complete mark for Corinna Galanos II (that’s a working title, I promise) a few days ago, which made me very happy! I started these projects on December 19th or later, so 24k on a project in less than three weeks has me feeling pretty accomplished. There’s also a decent chunk on Runaway, but since I am basically just copying down existing words with some tweaks and add-ins and line editing along the way, I don’t really want to count them as “new words.”

In other news, I got some feedback from a beta reader for the first time, on Sigma Radiant, which is momentarily on a back burner. I knew that the draft I sent over was rough and I already had plans to rewrite it with some major setting/character changes, but this is the first time I’ve gotten legitimate criticism on such a long piece. It’s fantastic criticism and it’s already given me new ideas for revision, but I have to admit it was somewhat deflating for my ego. Keep on keeping on, though! If nothing else, these books have taught me so much about writing.

In other news, I decided to take the Goodreads 2016 Reading Challenge with a goal of 50 books. I write a lot, and I read a lot for school, but I definitely don’t read widely enough in my writing genre. I will be counting my school books (there are 15 non-textbook books I am reading for classes in the spring alone). This week I finished and reviewed The Ocean at the End of the Lane, by one of my favorite authors, Neil Gaiman, and this weekend I want to knock out City of Lost Souls (for the second time) and City of Heavenly Fire (for the first time) by Cassandra Clare in preparation for the new Shadowhunters TV show, which my roommates and I are gearing up to watch as it premieres this week. If you’re interested, you can see some of the books I want to read in 2016 (aka Things I Own And Need To Read before I buy more books for myself plus Stuff I Should Reread and then probably buy). I’m also going to try to do better about reviewing this year.

Anyway, that’s about it for my week. Hope everyone else has had a lovely start to the new year!

P.S.–because of class resuming on Monday, there may or may not be a Monday blog post.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Update: 1/8/16

    1. I have the benefit of being a student, which means I am free to fill my winter and summer vacations with books, and of course that reading is part of my job. Still, I may not get through all the ones I intend to get through.
      Sometimes it’s hard to remember that reading is just as important for a writer as writing is.


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