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Weekly Update: 1/1/16

It’s a new year! 2016 is all shiny and new, and a lot has happened for me this week!

In preparing for the new year, I’ve looked at what I’ve done and decided on what I want to accomplish in 2016. I’ve already written about my writing goals and I just filled out my brand new Passion Planner in preparation for the new year. I’m already loving it!


(If you’re sharp-eyed, you can tell that my “Gamechanger” is getting an agent and landing a pub deal!)

I’ve spent a lot of time this week worldbuilding this week, since I’ve foolishly decided to completely redesign the world that my WIPs take place in, but I’ve also managed to squeeze in some words. These include both new words on my Tempestuous v3 project and semi-new words from my Runaway revision. (One of these days I’m going to make a post summarizing my WIPs so that when I mention them in blog posts people will actually be able to figure out what I’m going on about.)


That app is Writeometer, by the way, in case you’re interested! I wrote a post on progress tracking tools last week, and in the end, Writeometer is the one I’m using the most.

The “Runaway Rewrite” is from a technique I read about recently, where you retype (or in my case, display on a tablet) the original manuscript and retype every word from scratch. That way you can think, process, and add or subtract as you go. This technique is working wonders for me, although it’s adding a lot of words to my wordcount that may be troublesome later on. Rewriting may be time-consuming, but it’s absolutely worth it.

And finally, the most exciting thing!

Yep, that certainly IS a print copy of my book, Sigma Radiant!

Well, sort of. During NaNoWriMo, Powell’s Books ran a giveaway that awarded 1 printed copy of a NaNo project to a random winner. I don’t think many people entered it, because I ended up winning one of the books. I got a cover designer to whip up something quick and cheap (wisdomdogbah does some lovely work and could use the commissions), did some quick formatting (not enough, but I really just wanted to have the book in my hands), and then the folks over at Powell’s whipped me up a very professional-looking product!

This edition of Sigma Radiant is nowhere near what it will be when done, but I think it’s still worth keeping–both as a reminder and as a piece of motivation.

I ended 2015 at home with my family, including some relatives who traveled a long way to get here.

How was your 2015? How was your New Year’s? What are some of your goals for next year?



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