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Worldbuilding Wednesday

Worldbuilding Wednesday: a mapmaking tool

I recently decided, after writing more than 160,000 words, that the series I’m working on should not be set in an alternate, slightly-future Earth, but instead in a new world entirely. I have a lot of reasons for deciding to do this absolutely masochistic thing, which I will maybe elaborate in a different blog post. 

Deciding to set the series in a totally fictional universe is a big jump for me because I am terrible at worldbuilding. So in order to be less terrible at worldbuilding, I’ve been looking up some tools, tips, and resources. One of the resources is Inkarnate, an RPG map tool that turned out to be extremely helpful in creating a map for my new world.

It didn’t take me too long to work up this baby…


I’m also having lots of fun coming up with information about all these nations. My series is set mostly in Bunaepa, which is the central continent you see there including Danascoe, Meriva, Pelal, Talia, and the Atlantis Islands, but it’s a blast coming up with history for the others as well.

Despite this being a fantasy/RPG-style map, the series itself is very much modern–even slightly futuristic. There are elves and aliens, and also I’m thinking that humanity is an alien race as well.

Taking time off writing to worldbuild makes me a bit sad, but I think it will be worth it in the end.

What are your favorite parts of worldbuilding and how do you go about it?


3 thoughts on “Worldbuilding Wednesday

  1. Wow, I love that map! I will have to check out that site. 🙂 I am absolutely terrified of world-building and I have the utmost respect for writers who are good at it. Usually I tend to cop out on the world-building in the first draft, and then in later drafts I try to flesh it out more.


    1. That is the same thing I do! I actually copped out so hard that the first drafts of several of my books were actually set in an alternate United States. But it’s time to stop avoiding world building. The best thing to do is just have fun with it. 🙂

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