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Music for Writers (“Five Playlists for Maximum Productivity”)

music for writers: playlists and genres

I wrote the following article under the title “Five Playlists for Maximum Productivity,” and it was posted at The Odyssey Online. However, the original idea that I conceived revolved around music for writers, rather than music for productivity in general. But this is still awesome music that’s great for writing, so I decided it was appropriate to repost here. The original text of the article follows.

Now that school is back in session, we are all spending a lot more time with our butts in chairs, getting homework and projects done. All that work can be overwhelming or tedious–but it’s less so if you’ve got some good music playing in your earbuds. Here are some radio stations, playlists, and more to help you focus.

1. Google Play’s epic film scores radio.
My personal favorite for both homework and creative pursuits, Google Play will give you plenty of tracks from all of your favorite movies–specifically the ones without lyrics so that you don’t get distracted. Google Play also has plenty of other radio stations for this person–just search for “Focusing (No Lyrics)” and choose your favorite.

2. Pandora’s instrumental radio.
Another favorite of mine for a long time, Pandora’s station will send you plenty of variety in lyric-free tracks. You may even find, as I did, a new favorite genre or artist!

3. Gloriae Templum’s epic music collection V.
YouTube user Gloriae Templum has a variety of videos like this: hour-long, uninterrupted streams of empowering, get-stuff-done tunes. It’s a solid hour of productivity without your even realizing it! Plus, there are no ads to interrupt the music in the middle.

4. The original soundtrack of your favorite show/movie.
Chances are, that if you go on YouTube and search “[Insert Show/Movie Here] complete soundtrack,” you will find a continuous, hour, or more, long video of music from your favorite media. One I have used a lot recently is the Fate/stay night OST, but there is an unlimited amount of choices.

5. malfoymannor’s “Epic Songs To Write To” (and more from 8tracks).
8tracks is a site dedicated wholly to playlists. The linked one is one of my favorites, but choose any of the tags to find plenty more like it.

Original Article Here


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