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Submission Spots for Students: Nonfiction Articles Edition

“Submission Spots for Students” is a blog series dedicated to posting, on a bi-weekly basis, a collection of publishing opportunities specifically for high school and college students. These opportunities may be targeted specifically towards students or they may be open to all ages; they may be contests, magazines, anthologies, etc. accepting novels, short prose, poetry, nonfiction, or other types of writing.

This is the introductory post for “Submission Spots for Students,” an idea I had the other day that will become a series of posts with links to and descriptions of publishing opportunities for high school and college students. This week’s theme is online magazines/journals/etc. that accept nonfiction content from students.

Without further ado…

1. Fresh U
I started writing for Fresh U in June; the magazine itself was founded in May by Kate Beckman, a Syracuse University student, as an online publication written for and by college freshmen. That’s actually the site’s tagline: For Freshmen. By Freshmen. Fresh U published a diverse range of articles from fun, Buzzfeed-style listicles (“9 Things Siblings Close In Age Will Understand“) to personal essays (“It’s OK to Not Be OK“) to news and informative articles (“ A Must-Have Tool for College“). I can personally attest to the warmth and kindness of the editors, Kate and Sara, and since it’s a new publication, it will likely be much easier to be accepted as a contributing writer. (After all, they accepted me, and I had no prior experience writing nonfiction articles besides blog posts and book reviews.)

2. The Odyssey Online
The Odyssey is, like Fresh U, a college student publication. It “combines the power of locally developed content, national reach and a gamified content creation process.” Unlike Fresh U (although Fresh U is supposedly launching a similar feature soon), The Odyssey’s publications come from local “chapters” of the magazine at colleges and universities. Your school may already have an Odyssey chapter, but if not, you can get some friends together and start your own.

3. Teen Ink
“Magazine, website & books written by teens since 1989.” This is the tagline under the upper-left logo at Teen Ink, which publishes a print and online magazine. The mag’s content is supplied entirely by submissions of students aged 13-19–there are no staff writers. Although Teen Ink accepts submissions of fiction, poetry, art/videos, and more, for the purposes of this blog, I’m going to speak on the nonfiction aspects. Teen Ink has a general “Nonfiction” category with a large number of subcategories, some of which include travel, food, interviews, books and academia, essays, and more. It also has a “Reviews” category with book, music, TV show, and music subcategories. Basically, you’ve got nothing to lose, so why not check out the kind of articles Teen Ink publishes and submit?

4. The Book Report Network‘s Subsidiaries
The Book Report Network owns several websites dedicated to book reviews:, which features reviews in all genres, author interviews, polls, contests, and more, and and, which are pretty self-explanatory. (It has a few more subs here, but I thought those three were most relevant.) You can apply to be a book reviewer on any or all of TBRN’s websites here. They require a couple of sample reviews; make sure you read some of the websites’ reviews so that your style aligns with the existing reviews.

This post will be updated as new opportunities are discovered by (or made known to) me. If you have a Submission Spot you’d like to see included, email me the link at

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